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How To Stream NFL Games Online (Without Cable)

TL;DR – Best way to Stream NFL Games Online for FREE is here.

Here, we list some of the ways you can wirelessly stream NFL games because, let’s face it: Cable is expensive. Before we begin, it’s important for you to know (before you sign up to anything) that you may live in an area where not all games are broadcasted, and that not all services provide streaming for every NFL game day. To help, we explain how to watch live NFL games online for free (or a small fee) specifying your Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football and Sunday Ticket / Sunday Football streaming options.


Stream NFL Games. Thursday Night Football.

Thursday Night Football streaming options include Amazon Prime, NFL Network (has sole broadcasting rights for some NFL game days for TNF), and then traditional cable options: CBS and NBC.


Thursday Night Football. Stream NFL Games. Amazon Prime NFL.

Amazon Prime

This year, Amazon takes over from Twitter, swiping up the NFL streaming rights for their Prime service for the 2017 NFL season. Amazon paid a whooping $50 million to broadcast 10 Thursday Night Football and one NFL Christmas game via Amazon Prime. Subscription is annual, at $99/year. If you’re thinking that’s a little steep, remember, you can always just sign up for the one-month-free-trial. Stream a month’s worth of live NFL games for free, and cancel your membership before the trial is up.



Stream NFL Games. Sunday Night Football.


Stream NFL Games With Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless

Verizon customers have free live streaming access for every local and prime time NFL game. This includes the NFL regular season, NFL playoffs, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl. All you need to do to stream NFL games on your mobile, tablet, Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast is download the NFL Mobile app. Watch live NFL games on CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX and NFL Network (without using any additional data). Flex options include paying a small one-time, in-app fee for $2. This gets you access to NFL Redzone for Sunday Night Football.


Stream NFL Games with NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket (DirecTV)

DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is your best bet in that it’s the most all-encompassing Sunday Football streaming service. Although, it’s got more-than-a-few caveats in terms who gets access. First, you can’t live in a single-dwelling unit (must be an apartment complex, condo, etc). Then, you must also be residing in an area that does not get DirecTV access. And while you can stream out-of-market NFL games on your PC, mobile, tablet, PS4, Xbox One, or Smart TV, local games may be subject to ‘blackout’, meaning you don’t get to see live NFL games near where they are being played or broadcasted.

Also, NFL Sunday Ticket excluded access to Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football. Packages also depend on which and how many screens you want to watch the live NFL games on. NFL Sunday Ticket’s standard streaming package, at best (with on-going promotions) is around $70/month for the first four months. If you also want to get hands on the coveted NFL RedZone, you’ll need an add-on for the new Sunday Ticket MAX package, upping your subscription fee to $95/month. Although, the additional charge also does include NFL Fantasy Zone channel access.


Stream NFL Games with DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Now

Subscription starts at $35/month, and comes with access to over 100 TV channels, 60+ of which are live, including Monday Night Football favorite, ESPN. May also get access to Sunday Night Football channels (CBS and Fox), and Thursday Night Football games on CBS and NBC. You can’t record games for later, and live channels aren’t available to all localities. Added subscription perks: No annual contract, plus there’s a free trial option. Channels offered include HBO, Showtime and STARZ.


Stream NFL Games on NFL GamePass

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass subscription will cost you $100/month, and only lets you stream NFL games after they’ve already aired. What you can do: watch live NFL games, including NFL preseason, replay all 256 NFL Regular season games, re-watch old NFL games dating all the way back to 2009, and stream live NFL game day radio broadcasts.


Stream NFL Games on YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Only available in select cities, but for only $35/month, you get CBS, NBC and Fox live streaming privileges. That means you will be able to stream NFL games on for Sunday football and Thursday Night Football. YouTube TV also airs ESPN, which has the Monday Night Football broadcasting rights.


Stream NFL Games on Hulu.


Hulu offers monthly subscriptions at $40/payment. With Hulu, your NFL live streaming options include Sunday Night Football on NBC, Monday Night Football on ESPN, and access to other live sports channels like FOX and CBS. Caveats: locally broadcasted games are subject to blackouts (may not air), and you don’t get access to the NFL Network, so you don’t get to record NFL games streaming live for later. Also, there’s a $15/month add-on to watch live NFL games commercial-free.


Stream NFL Games on Sling TV.

Sling TV

With a Sling TV subscription, you have access to ESPN and NFL Network. Although, it seems, not at the same time. You have to decide if you want Sling Orange (Monday Night Football access with ESPN) for $20/month or to opt for Sling Blue (NFL Network, and NBC and FOX streaming access in certain areas) for $25/month. Sling Blue doesn’t offer ESPN, but with it, you can stream NFL games on multiple devices. Also comes with the Sports Extra package option for $10/month more for NFL RedZone access. Sling Orange, although $5/month cheaper, is more restrictive in that you can only stream NFL games from one device at a time. It’s also lacking NFL Network access and doesn’t give you an option to add on NFL RedZone.



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